Mastering the Sciences

Science Lab

The state of the art science laboratory at WeLearn is the perfect environment for kids to wrap their minds around the traditional and most recent innovations in the science industry.

WeLearn provides AP classes taught by professional scientists in chemistry, physics, and biology fields for students in grades 7 - 12.

Not only a replication of a school laboratory, WeLearn’s lab offers hands-on investigation in science domains, such as physics, chemistry and biology. With the use of authentic science tools, the learners are exposed to a higher number and wider variety of laboratory activities, including their own scientific research questions and exploration.

Virtual Reality Integration in Medical Education

Virtual Reality has made tremendous improvements to the medical industry and more specifically education in the sciences.

WeLearn will integrate Augmented Reality technology to teach students science and medicine in a revolutionary way, allowing students to excel at earlier ages.

This technology teaches students in a multi-dimensional learning platform not available in traditional education models.

Scientists & Projects

WeLearn Students will participate in fun science projects currently being taught at leading universities.

We provide students with industry rated scientists and community leaders in science to assist with projects throughout the learning experience.