PAL Track

Be a PAL

  • The option for families who want to take advantage of what WeLearn offers but aren't ready to take their child out of their current school. WeLearn's Program for Augmented Learning (PAL) includes a customized plan to build a portfolio of achievements through individual courses, camps, consulting, and Project-Based learning.
  • Through PAL, WeLearn offers a range of supplemental programs that feature the type of mastery-based context that most traditional schools are not equipped to provide. These happen to be the very opportunities most students need to move toward their Digital Age goals.

Elite Portfolio Development

  • For elite students, a portfolio may be the path to their desired futures. A portfolio is generally developed by assembling and packaging a learner’s accomplishments to date, then recommending the appropriate steps for portfolio completion, which may include project-based learning modules, capstone projects, internships, or various exams.

Test Preparation

  • While we are not the biggest fans of high-stakes exams, they are often an unfortunate reality in achieving a learner’s goals. Therefore, WeLearn has options to prepare students for content tests, such as [AP], [IGCSE], [A-Level], and International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams, and reasoning tests such as the SAT and ACT.

University Admissions Counseling

  • WeLearn also offers university search and application services, including tutoring for personal statement development, as well as school selection guidance. Students will learn the difference between Safety, Target, Reach, and Dream universities, as well as the holistic admission process for US/Canadian schools. This process can also follow two different paths:
  • The Online Blended option combines courses offered by Khan Academy with guidance by WeLearn’s Director of Personalized Learning. Advantages include being more affordable than a full one-to-one approach, and gives learners more freedom to complete the related coursework.
  • With On-Site One-to-One Tutoring, the learner completes all lessons with WeLearn’s Director of Personalized Learning. The advantage to this is a highly personalized process. However, this is a more expensive option than Online Blended, and the learner is dependent on WeLearn’s schedule, so there is less flexibility.

Gifted Students

  • WeLearn also offers access to supplemental coursework for gifted students who are anxious to demonstrate a deeper level of learning. Most of these are online, fully-accredited [AP] and/or [A-Level] Courses, offered through Johns Hopkins CTY, Stanford Online High School, or Northwestern University CTD. Likewise, we can offer opportunities to display application and innovation of interdisciplinary knowledge through project-based learning and Capstone projects, with an alternative certification to display mastery.

Supplemental Learning Plan and Portfolio

  • While most supplemental programs do not provide a diploma, they do include a Supplemental Personal Learning Plan and portfolio.This gives Thai school students the opportunity to distinguish themselves for both Round 1 (Portfolio Round) of TCAS, and applying to elite international universities. This also offers the same options to students who attend International schools with limited course/ECA offerings. Finally, this provides a similar solution for traditional homeschoolers who don’t need a full-time solution but want to supplement their existing curriculum.

Dual Diploma Track

  • For some students and their families a local diploma supplemented by a portfolio isn’t sufficient to meet their goals. In this situation, WeLearn offers the option of adding a U.S. diploma or an equivalency through the General Equivalency Diploma (GED®). The GED® is a four-part test that measures the skills and knowledge that lead to an internationally accepted US-based high school equivalency credential. A GED can serve to formalize student portfolios, rounding out their personal learning narratives.