Trailblazer Track

  • With the Trailblazer Track, there is no anchor school and no need for the learner to take accredited curriculum. A learner’s knowledge acquisition is completely self-directed. This grants a student the freedom to gain mastery of material in any way they choose to do so and can be a very exciting path for learners who love to explore knowledge on their own. The student is able to learn using the growing wealth of free online high school resources, which can significantly reduce the costs of a high school education.
  • Some potential Trailblazer paths include Khan Academy,, project-based learning, apprenticeships/Internships, and self-study. Trailblazers may also obtain a diploma equivalency credential to satisfy the requirements of many universities.
  • Plus, as with all WeLearn programs, students have the seven threads of future skills woven through our in-house classes, camps, clubs, and portfolio development, ensuring they have what it takes to succeed in the future.