A Complete Learning Experience

Extra Curricular Activities

WeLearn's extra curricular activities include classes, practice and training in the areas of student's interest. We work with local partners with expertise in skills such as music, sports, drama, and theater.

The student services team at WeLearn will help students remain accountable to their extra curricular activity schedule with the assistance of the online student management platform.

Mobile Application

WeLearn has developed a mobile app that will include all extra curricular activities in the Bangkok area. The app provides locations, descriptions, class times, photos, and pricing. Parents are able to search based on location, class, and budget.

All extra curricular activities can be scheduled in advanced or last minute. WeLearn offers the option for students to join live classes or if they prefer to be taught in the comfort of their own home. Parents can book and pay through the app or have activities included into their child's education package.