Experiential Learning

We Learn best through our experiences. Hands-on experimentation is the key component to the WeLearn model, because we learn and retain information best only after we have applied it. The WeLearn Center is designed for students to collaboratively engage in multifaceted topic-based projects that incorporate the instructional “core online” components of multiple subject areas, which will help students to holistically integrate math, science, history, humanities and liberal arts together into real-world problem solving experience that yields tangible results.

While we have developed a range of projects and experiments to complement online subject material, our resources are designed for students to create their own experiential learning paths together with their peers. For example, some students are passionate about project design, and so we offer those students the opportunity to learn 3D modeling in our Cyber Skills room. Other students need to pound hammers and paint, and so we have a fully-equipped Makerspace facility for their preferred type of experiential learning. Still others prefer media production, and would rather record a video of the project and write a musical score for those images. For these students, we offer both video and audio production rooms, as well as lessons on media editing and mastering. The end result of this project is a collaborative effort between all these different types of experiential learners. Each played the role in which they were the most passionate about, and the final product is something everyone can be proud of (especially the parents!)

Below are the different types of experiential learning opportunities we offer at the WeLearn Center, with the results of these student-led projects to be posted soon!