Leadership Assessment

Online Instruction

Student Learning Platform

Full details of online learning platform and content provider database coming soon.

Student Assessment

We Learn assesses new students with assessments developed by leading developmental psychiatrists from leading universities such as: Stanford, University of Pennsylvania and from the Finnish education system which continues to rank top in the world.

These assessments are academic, cognitive, components of growth. This will inform us about the students interest, academic strengths & weaknesses, exceptional skills, and areas of improvement.

We Learn then develops a student profile that allows us to recommend core online, experiential, enrichment, and ECA activities that are designed to unleash the maximum potential of the child.

Personalized Curriculum

Our curriculum consultant will recommend a course list and academic trajectory that is best suited for the child based upon the analysis of the assessments. These courses are tailored to the students learning style. Tailored to speed, additional support in weak subject areas. Students are receiving core subject matter on an individual and personalized basis.

Curriculum consultant will work with the parent and the student to narrow down he recommendation list to a set course curriculum and will plan for the entire path to graduation.

Done through a database we developed of an analysis of the best online schools & an analysis of each individual course in that school and a comprise between them all. We are making that database publicly available to everyone. Parents will be able to do their own research regarding available education programs. See resources page on our website.