About Us

What is WeLearn?

WeLearn is a groundbreaking new learning system that will guide each student on a highly personalized learning path in ways not possible under any existing education system.

First, we will help each student select and successfully complete accredited online secondary school curriculum from leading universities and high schools around the globe. We match this curriculum to the student’s learning style, passions, skills, and higher education goals.

We offer Life Skill courses not taught in school, such as self-learning, personal finance, design thinking, leadership, cyber skills, social responsibility, health and wellness and entrepreneurship.

Finally, we provide ample opportunity and support for our students to engage in exploration, innvoation and hands-on applied learning (sciences, electronics, design technology, VR, and robotics) in a dynamic and modern space, equipped with the latest education technology. 

Our learning spaces are collaborative environments where our online students are encouraged to learn from each other. All our students will develop a strong independent learning ethic, a deep love of learning and the 21st Century skills needed to spur them towards greatness in an uncertain future, dominated by tech, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and easily accessible knowledge.

Students can experience WeLearn through afterschool, weekend and holiday programs, or as a comprehensive alternative to their existing school.  Schools and Homeschool Coops can experience WeLearn through field trips to our centers focused on STEM and Life Skills projects.

Age Parameters
WeLearn is intended for Secondary school children, between the ages 11 and 18.  However, we can accept younger children aged 8 to 10 who are highly independent learners on a case-by-case basis.

WeLearn is a Social Enterprise
Our goal is to make high quality international education that is relevant to the Digital Age available to as many children in Thailand and other developing countries as possible, regardless of their economic background.

Lowering Education Costs.
Our social enterprise structure and ability to leverage learning technology, help us deliver top quality education for a much lower cost than available elsewhere.  Hard to believe?  Come visit our space at Maneeya Center and see for yourself.

To be clear, WeLearn is NOT:
A school; a tutor center; a testing & admission center; an afternoon hangout space; a child minding space; a weekend kid cafe. We are a deep learning facility, and all children who participate must be prepared to learn, explore, innovate, think and create.

Who We Can Help

Thai Families

Many Thai families are frustrated with the education options available to them. 

We can definitely help. Your child can join our supplementary program to expand and build on the information they have acquired in their current school.

They can explore, create and innovate in our Innovation Lab, while learning essential Life Skills and Cyber Skills.

We encourage parents to be closely involved in their child’s learning path at our center and guide them in their journey of innovation.

Thai families can also enroll their children in our program on a fulltime basis to obtain an accredited high school degree from a leading US or UK high school, without leaving Thailand.

The cost of these programs are significantly less than international school fees.

Hard to believe?

Come visit WeLearn at Maneeya Center and see for yourself.

Expat Families

For expats who travel frequently, arrive in Thailand between academic years, or who are unhappy with international school option due to costs, location, or other factors, we provide a better alternative to the traditional school model or homeschool.

Expat families are unique because they live abroad, but still seek the same high quality education that they would typically access in their home country. 

Each expat family also lives by their own travel schedule, which do not always conform with school holidays. 

WeLearn offers world class courses from leading institutions together with the flexibility expat families require. 

Home School Families & Coops

Homeschool children can use our center to fill the typical gaps that homeschool children face in socialization, collaboration and experience based learning (science experiments, robotics, etc.).

We can also help select online curriculum.

Homeschool Co-ops can use our space for STEM activities or Life Skills workshops and other regular meetings

Gifted Children

Our program is ideal for Gifted Children; who typically need a highly personalized and challenging learning path to remain motivated and excel.

They like to move quickly through their subjects of interest and are frustrated when regular schools cannot accommodate.

WeLearn’s personalized program allows children to move at their own pace.

We can also help students enter gifted children programs worldwide, such as the John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth and the Stanford University Education Program for Gifted Youth.

Athletes, Musicians and Actors

Athletes Musicians and Actors are unique students because they spend significant time pursing their passion outside of school and require an education model that fits around their schedule.

Most schools have trouble accommodating the demanding schedules of these children, who as a result frequently either give up their education or their passion.

WeLearn helps such children keep both!

Our highly personalized and high flexible program can adopt to almost any schedule.

AP Courses

WeLearn helps students who want to attend university in the US to undertake the challenging Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and exams. 

Students who successfully complete these courses earn both high school and college credits and greatly improve their transcripts. 

WeLearn provides AP students with additional support for their academic challenges by providing individual attention from mentors, providing group based AP course, and offering supplemental materials to overcome hurdles in learning. 

Advanced Placement students have typically already developed strong self-learning skills, and WeLearn tailors coursework and exam preparation to reinforce these values.

WeLearn all of our lives, whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not. WeLearn because we are human beings, and therefore have an inbuilt imperative to grow who we are to continue engaging with the world.

WeLearn everywhere because WeLearn that a classroom is not defined by four walls, or lectures aimed at the lowest common denominator.

WeLearn that, externally, the entirety of the universe is a classroom, and internally, the entirety of our being functions as both classroom and student, in perpetuity.

From this, WeLearn that “traditional” academic subjects are vital, but that as individuals WeLearn differently from each other, because WeLearn that we are each a product of our unique environments, which need to be addressed in order to move outward (omnidirectionally), rather than forward (unidirectionally). Because of this, WeLearn that experiential education makes what WeLearn a part of our own context.

Therefore, WeLearn to build things so the theoretical transforms into the tangible and we own our knowledge because we made it.



WeLearn Vision

WeLearn whatever it takes to grow on our personal journey to self-sustainability and collaborative coexistence. As a result, WeLearn is more than just an educational consultancy, more than a school, more than a physical space.

WeLearn is a way of life, one which facilitates students' and families’ desire to make their education into a unique experience:

  • through the use of the Co-Creative Space to make the theoretical tangible,
  • through cooperative learning opportunities to build collaborative skills,
  • through knowledgeable content and context experts who can suggest ways to effectively implement your educational journey and take it to the next level, whether that is university, conservatory, apprenticeship, or some extra time to prepare and/or decide what shape that next level will take, and
  • through a safe space where parents and students can feel comfortable doing all of the above.

Community Involvement

WeLearn guides our members to simultaneously be a student, teacher, mentor and creator while taking ownership of their education growth path.

WeLearn also encourages our community of parent experts to continue their own learning journey by donating their time to teach our children about their passions and expertise.

WeLearn is a community of knowledge seekers of all ages representing the full spectrum of social, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

Learning should be empowering, and take place wherever and in whatever form is most conducive to mastering the content, whether that be one on one, in groups, outdoors, in a workshop with collaborators, or in nature.

One of WeLearn's unique value propositions is the resources and freedom to learn however best fits the individual student.

WeLearn To Be Equal

WeLearn removes barriers to entry for low-income students by offering an opportunity to engage with advanced learning technologies and be taught by experts across a range of fields through our scholarship program in partnership with community businesses.

We believe that a high quality education should be a universal right for all, and that students should not be limited in their educational opportunities simply because they cannot afford to attend more affluent and better equipped education institutions or they live too far away from high quality education facilities.

WeLearn aims to provide all students the chance to become interested in technology, and learn the technological and computer skills for the world of tomorrow.

"Inverting the model around how WeLearn to unleash the potential of our dreams"