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#1 Personalized High School Platform
Over 5,000 Courses from World’s Top 

How it works?


Browse through more than 5,000 accredited courses from top quality online schools.


Choose the courses that interest you by adding them to your personalized path.


Design a plan to meet your goals with our curriculum experts.


Quick and easy payment using all major credit cards.


Begin your journey to academic success together with our mentors.


Diploma Track

Graduate from one school with the flexibility to take courses from many providers

Equivalency Track

Take courses from any accredited provider to earn an equivalency diploma

Trailblazer Track

Enjoy complete freedom in how you master content, then use your portfolio and a GED to move toward your future

PAL Track

For families who want to take advantage of WeLearn offer but aren't ready to take their child out of their current school

Why WeLearn

WeLearn and its community of parents, educators and students know that the future is one where the acquisition of knowledge is no longer enough for success. WeLearn has imagined an entirely new form of education; one that is highly personalized, flexible and adaptive while focusing on Future Skills and innovation.

Our ecosystem will create independent self-learners who leave “secondary school” with confidence, solid critical and creative thinking skills, an acute ability to collaborate with their peers, and communication skills over multiple forms of media. Our vision is to create this new system, now, here, without delay.

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To foster independent learners who are prepared to meet the challenges of the future.


We leverage online courses through innovative technology and creative learning spaces to make quality education affordable and personalized.


When barriers are removed, every child has access to high quality education, paving the way for a future filled with opportunity and a lifetime of learning.

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